Coles Valley Cemetery


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Located near the north end Of Melqua Road near its intersection with Hubbard Creek Road in the Umpqua - Coles Valley area. From Roseburg, Or take Garden Valley Road, County Road No. 6, west out through Garden Valley until you cross the Calapooia River. Turn left onto Fort McKay Road, cross the Umpqua River, passing Henry Winery on the right until you come to Melqua Road, County Road No. 33A. Turn left, south, and go .9 mile to cemetery on the right, marked with a sign in a grove of trees on the hillside. From the I-5 Garden Valley road intersection it is 15.3 miles. Or it can be reached by taking Fort McKay Road west from Sutherlin, OR.

The mailing adress for the cemetery is:
Coles Valley Cemetery
PO Box 165
Umpqua, OR 97486


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