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While Mike is the main photographer in the house and I do have his current exhibit posted on my photo page, there are also a few of my shots posted on there.

A new interest in my life is Tai Chi. I thank the Oregon Research Institute for sponsoring the study which introduced me to Tai Chi. Visit them here. I don't take as much time as I should for this, but the exercise is enjoyable and good for me. And maybe it will be a path to a well balanced world? I am working to become a beginning trainer to help spread this wonderful exercise, ask me any questions. Many thanks to my current instructor, Suman Sensei. This link will take you to his page.

The tech humor page.... I am in PC and user support and Mike has also worked in Internet support. Everyone understands that Techs have a strange a sense of humor. My humor page does not point fingers at any specific person or incident, but will give you a chance to see some of what we deal with. Some of it can be quite funny! If something on here reminds you of yourself..... try not to be offended, just smile.

Spud is our Beagle and of course he has his own photo gallery. At almost 15 he is quite a character and very set in his ways. You do not get between him and his nap or cookies. Spud's page opens in a new window, close it and you will be right back here.

If you are into genealogy, please visit my genealogy pages and see if our roots intersect anywhere. The genealogy search page makes it easier for you to find connections. The Cole's Valley Cemetery link is an index to the cemetery with photos of the markers. If you have a loved one there and want a copy of the photo of the marker for your records feel free to save it off of the page. I do not have any information that is not posted, sorry.

The links page goes to various sites that I find interesting or fun. Make suggestions you think I might like.


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