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Quotes From Support Email
(you have to have done it to understand it)

problem is: "I am sending you this email because I can't get onto the Internet."

problem is: "I am unsure of the browser I am using but wish to use a major one. at the top, it says AT&T internet explorer. How do I change this? Also, the icons at top are in a very boring black and white. Please advise."

problem is: "Ok...when I try to e-mail in OUTLOOK itsends me an erroe message, about my server name being wrong. XXX...XXX.com...I don't know what I've done but...I went into the help files and got nowhere..HELP!!!!"

problem is: "I have been requested to work on keeping our website on your server up to date. I do not know how to upload new pages to change the ones that are there, and I am not certain how to set the hyperlinks to refer to pages that are already on our site. Can you help me learn how to do this?"

problem is: "I am wondering why the email I send to others shows it is from 'preferred customer' instead of having my username there. These people have told me that they can't return email to me, they have to completely re-address it or it doesn't go through. Also, if I print out my email, it says 'preferred user' at the top instead of my name."

problem is: "I have been accessing my account using a Macintosh. I would like to also access it using a PC running Win95. I tried using the settings from my Mac but it doesn't seem to work."

problem is: "Some monster file (it appears to be some forwarded Christmas joke) is choking my mailbox. After about 18 or 19 minutes it was still grinding away trying to dowload what was then 3 of 13 something about Fwd: Xmas, I think. Is it possible for you to dump the (probably useless) monster file so I can get to the rest of my mail?"

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