Tech Humor

Most of these are old and date back to my days as a tech but all are funny. Worth the read for a laugh..

Are you feeling picked on?
Don’t! You can’t help it if you are a “Newbie”!
It’s not your fault you can’t find your manuals.

As the government says …

“We’re here to help you!!!”
  • How NOT to deal with support in the workplace
  • Word Perfect User Crosses The Line
  • Calling For Technical Support
  • Up In Smoke!!!
  • Keep a Newbie Busy WWW page.
  • E-Mail and IRC/Chat Acronyms Most AOL’ers are really into that chat thing.
  • The Tech Rep’s Field Guide
  • The Famous Cup Holder
  • Quotes from “support” email
  • The Top 12 Things You can Say To Get Rid Of Pests
  • Hourly Fees For Tech Support
  • 101 Things To Do With Those Free AOL Disks
  • Why you should feel sorry for tech support people..